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iamshadow_girl's Journal

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acting, angelface, animals, anthony hopkins, anton yelchen, aren, art, ashley olsen, aunt josephine, beaches, ben jelen, bonfires, bree, brownies, cameron, camping, candy, captain widdershins, cats, chapstick, clubhouse, cookie, count olaf, courtney, dairy, dan byrd, daniel handler, dead baby jokes, dean cain, degrassi, depressing music, desperate housewives, drake bell, dreaming, dumb blondes, elisha cuthbert, fairies, family guy, farting, fefe dobson, filming, finding neverland, fiona, flashlight tag, franky, goldfish, green, gummi cola bottles, halloween, hearts in atlantis, holding hands, incubus, j sumpter, jake epstein, jaques snicket, jason mraz, jason ritter, jennifer garner, jeremy robert myron sumpter, jeremy sumpter, jesse mccartney, johnny depp, johnny lewis, josh groban, jurassic park, kat dennings, kirsten storms, kissing, kit snicket, klaus baudelaire, lacy chathbert, laughing, lauren collins, lava lamps, lemony snicket, liam aiken, long showers, magic tricks, mare winningham, mary-kate olsen, mermaids, mickey blue eyes, movies, nice hair, nintendo, peanuts, photography, piercings, playing in the rain, playstation, polaroids, rachel mcadams, radio free roscoe, rfr, ryan cooley, ryan gosling, scary stories, shannon, shia lebouf, shiny objects, shopping, shows, sleeping, soda, spider-man, stars, sunny baudelaire, sunsets, swimming, szimi, target, the austere academy, the bad beginning, the blank book, the carnivorous carnival, the ersatz elevator, the grim grotto, the hostile hospital, the miserable mill, the reptile room, the slippery slope, the unauthorized autobiography, the vile village, the wide window, theatre, thrift stores, thunderstorms, tinkerbell, trampolines, turtles, uncle monty, vfd, vice principal nero, viewpoint, violet baudelaire, virginia, walking at night, writing, x-men, zach, zippers